About Suzanne

Suzanne Barnes has become an expert at balancing many roles in her life. From professional athlete to entrepreneur, from wife to now mother, she has learned the secrets of being a confident and healthy woman who wears many hats.

She is married to a professional golfer and accompanies him on tours whenever she can. Traveling with 2 young children is challenging, to say the least. With that said, Suzanne could write a book on expert tips as a globetrotting mom. Her life is a continuous juggling act as she has learned how to adapt with confidence and grace to an “on-the-go” lifestyle. She finds joy in the balance through tried and proven healthy habits and maintains a glowing complexion with her simple beauty tips.

Started as a professional volleyball player, Suzanne played her way through many AVP tournaments in Manhattan Beach. Playing many games in the sun, Suzanne wanted a product to protect her skin and confidence, on and off the court. She was determined to create a simple and dependable skin care product for busy lifestyles.

Suzanne started Signature23 in 2009 in her desire to design a simple, practical and natural way to get younger looking skin. Her secret is to promote cellular energy, so your skin can perform at its best every day. Not only did she want healthy skin but also wanted to increase confidence in those who used it. Through a balanced lifestyle, healthy skin, and an optimistic outlook she encouraged peace of mind to become a daily routine.

The signature23 brand is respected for its high quality and natural ingredients. Suzanne spent over 5 years working with a well-known chemist and development team to design luxurious formulations to make a positive change in your skin. Throughout her volleyball years, being an entrepreneur, and an on-the-go mom, Suzanne has conquered being confident and happy.